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Jazz is a type of music for some elites. It has gained popularity among the people around the globe. The jazz music has played a vital role in the development of America’s world art community. As a matter of fact, this popularity has being since 1930s through 1940s.

Jazz styles of music originated from the United States of America and have varieties of styles depending on which style you want to dance. It is worthy to note that each style differ from one country to another. Even though jazz originated from US, it has now being discovered that some attractive African culture has been mixed with it.

The types of jazz Music available include work song types which is an interesting style on its own. The beat and rhythm of this type of jazz is very fast. Its is connected to Africa America styles of music. There are also the Chicago styles that started as far back as 1917. Other style is New Orleans style which came to being with brass show as far back as 1890.

Jazz festival is like fiesta of jazz where many fun catching events will take place. There is one called the Aspen Jazz festival. It is a concert of popular jazz musicians and fans around the world. Many fans and musicians normally attend this festival

Another festival is the Portland Jazz festival which features the Jewish and African Americans Performing Jazz with jazz music together.

 Tobago Jazz festival: - This is an event for all those that appreciate music, most especially the jazz music. The event always comes up every year. The festival started in 2005 and it is highly recognized for the quality artists that performs as well as its conduce atmosphere. Apart from the musical aspect of the festival, you that is attendance will enjoy street processions, different kinds of food, crafts and framework display.