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Quilting is one of the oldest activities that have been passed down in between families and is even in classes today. Quilting began as a small activity between women in families as a time to make and put memories in quilts or blankets. In each blanket or large quilt, pictures or fabrics are sown together to make a memory or write down a story of any kind. This makes the quilts that much more memorable or important to a person. Since this is an activity that is usually passed down in families, there are several ways that any person that is interested in this method in story telling can actually learn to make quilts.

Quilting involves large fabrics and blankets that actually help cover a large size bed or are simply put away to pass down in families or give as a gift. It can take a lot of time to make a proper quilt, since most people that handle these materials take up to days to sew something on the blanket, or make a design. It is very important to remember the most important detail about this activity, which is that the object of it is to make a story or leave a memory in the blanket or fabric. In certain events there are show and tell options, where quilting takes a front stage, and it allows people to see some of the most beautiful creations that there are. There are a lot of ideas that make each particular quilt that much better. One of the many ideas that can be in each quilt is the dates of births and names of family members, both new and old. There are several sponsored events that bring together both men and women that have made the most incredible quilts today.