Imagine if you were celebrating a special occasion without event insurance and something catastrophic happened. Though it could occur at any type of party or festival, the most common time is at weddings. This event is intended to be the happiest day of a couple's life, but a disaster, coupled with not covering yourself could turn it into a huge nightmare. I know it isn't pleasant to think about, but many things could go wrong from liability issues to last minute cancellations.

Let's say you were throwing a wedding for your daughter and her fiancee. At this event you intended to invite over two hundred people, find the best caterer in the area, and host the reception outdoors at a beautiful waterfront location. If everything goes according to plan and you get wonderful weather, you will more than likely have a day to remember. However, if there is a last minute forecast calling for lightning storms and it is necessary to change the venue at the last minute, failure to carry the proper insurance for this event could prove to be a costly mistake.

There are several other reasons why you should think twice about covering yourself, especially if you are hosting a party where alcohol is being served. This can be particularly problematic when an event takes place at your own home. The liability associated with guests drinking too much and getting behind the wheel of their cars is a big problem, one that you should take a proactive approach with by hiring professional insured groups to serve, like caterers. They typically carry a cheap, one day policy that you can purchase for a reasonable price to cover you for either the day or a designated time period. In fact, most providers won't even let their staff touch any alcoholic beverage, either open or closed, if you do not agree with their terms.

Many times we get wrapped up in the joy surrounding events, but bad things can and do happen. You hear about things going awry at weddings all the time and usually looking back, these mishaps are funny, provided no injuries were sustained. The part of the story that is usually omitted is the aftermath, the part that isn't humorous at all, where the host got burned for this event because he or she neglected to carry catastrophe or liability insurance for that day. Throwing parties is expensive, there usually is a budget involved, and inevitably in the planning period there is a time when you will go through and try to trim costs that seem unnecessary. Neglecting to carry or cutting out event insurance is not the way to go. When trimming expenses, look at other things like the amount of flowers or type of food you are serving. Eliminating your protection against potentially huge unnecessary costs caused by things that are completely out of your control is not an advisable way to save yourself money. In fact, by doing so, you may end up paying much more than the price of the event.